The birth of our savior, Jesus Christ is a bless for all of us. Not only He bring more awareness but also his important message of LOVE for mankind. A born Savior indeed he was,  born to save our world from destruction.

Actually our Jesus' birth was a very natural process

Back in 1920s, Theologian Rudolf Bultmann found something interesting on the theme of "Virgin Birth". As recorded by Graham Philips in "The Virgin Mary Conspiracy",the early Christians had misinterpreted the word "young woman" as virgin :

"The original text did not employ the Hebrew word for 'virgin' - betulah; it used the word almah - 'a young woman'. The original Hebrew passage had predicted that a 'young woman' - not a 'virgin' -would conceive and give birth to the Messiah."

the rest is anybody's guess.. In order to comply with the 'misinterpreted' prophecy made in the Old Testament - Young Woman Mary had to be portrayed as Virgin Mary. The 'Virginity' of Mary, now we can prove it, was invented by early Christians.

Isaiah never spoke of a virgin conceiving and giving birth to a child - a son named Immanuel. Our Hero's birth could not be unnatural. It was a very natural birth, in compliance with the law of Existence.

Isaiah is prophesizing about the birth of our Hero Immanuel, conceived by a young woman... What kind of prophecy is this? All young women can conceive and give birth, why to prophesize such birth?

What if Isaiah meant to say that a 'maiden', an 'unmarried' young woman would conceive and bear a son... Then, and perhaps only then, his prophecy would carry some weight. An 'unmarried' young maiden giving birth was not usual in those days. Those were different times.

In the partriarchal society of those days a child would be known by the name of his or her father, not mother. Read the long list of names from King David to Joseph, believed to be the father of Jesus - all males names. That bring us to yet another issue - what was the necessity to connect Jesus with the House of David, if He, as believed by the church, was born to a 'virgin' Mary? Who was connected with the House of David? Joseph, the man Mary could have married later after conceiving our Hero - Mary herself - or, Our Hero?

Neither Joseph, nor Mary - but Mary's son, our Savior who actually belonged to the House of David.

Our Maiden Mary was actually working at the palace of the puppet King Herod who was 'appointed' by Rome to rule over most of what is not collectively known as the State of Israel?

One day she was raped by the King and she became pregnant. That was precisely the reason why king Herod wanted the child to be killed. He did not want 'his' illegitimate child to succeed him. Herod, like many other tribes of Israel., belonged to the House of David, and so even though 'illegitimate', the child belonged to the same house too.

"Mary belonged to the spiritual community of Ishans, the Children of God. They did not endorse any particular religious system of the day, but respected all religions. They studied the truth of Indian, Chinese and Egyptian masters. And, although not a branch of the great spiritual institutions of the trio, they did have close ties with them.

"When Mary talked to the elders of the commune - their immediate reaction was, "Fear not, child.... There must be 'something' behind it... let us meditate!"

"And, Mary meditated with the elders of the inner circle of the community... Mary could meditate with them, because she was in the circle next to the inner circle. The Ishans had based their community in the style, form and fashion of other great communities of the east. They shared the same 'base', so to say, with them. And, that 'base' had connected them with those communities.

christ-kashmir.jpg"This base, from time immemorial, has been called 'Mandala'. There are Mandalas finely painted on cloth, skin and paper; there are Mandalas carved on precious metals and inlaid with jewels; and then, there are Mandalas built with great precision or carved out the mountains as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, or Borobudur in Java - those all are very efficient tools for meditation.

"In their meditation, 'it was discovered' that the pregnancy was pre-ordained. The rape was just an excuse. Existence had to comply with the laws of nature. It was also 'shown' to them that there was someone, a widower named Joseph, who was chosen to be the foster - father of the child..."

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna

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