Dendreah or "Desert Rose" in Lakota Sioux, the White Buffalo Woman who brought the Sacred Pipes to the Sioux people before the European invasion or contact.

White Buffalo Woman's message is for all True children of the Creator, regardless of race, colour, beliefs or creeds. Her message is a universal message, and was never intended for a single band, tribe or nation of people. For that matter, it was never intended just for people, but for all forms of creation including the minerals, vegetables, animals, planets, galaxies and so on.

Taya-katu. Rejoice.

Wahi-kalu Pa-u-ki. Your heart has chosen its own path.

The spirits of all those who choose to enter the Love of the Creator will be completely healed.

Walk in Peace. Walk in Love. Walk in Truth. Walk in Purity.

The ones of Love and Peace shall enter the Spirit of Light, where there are no more tears, no more suffering, no more wars and no more Shadows.

The ones who choose to follow the Shadows shall remain with the Shadows until the Shadows are no more.

Each will make their free will choice.

Anybody who is against the earth, is against you, because you are sons and daughters of the earth. Just as the trees are, just as the birds are, this earth is your mother; and anything that grows on this earth is your family.

Nature is non-dual. Nature follows the law of one-ness. There everything is similar. And there is never any fluctuation in this law. Nature is neither kind nor cruel. It neither punishes the bad nor rewards the good. This means that whatever we do and whatever we attain is the result of our doing. Nature has no hand in it.

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