Super Red Arowana, from the folk tale story, this typical fish can bring fortune or good luck to anyone who take cares of it. Maybe because of the bright red color in its skin, the more older the arowana, the more intense its color and bright. Probably because of this reason, many wanted to keep the arowana as their lovely pet in their home. Not everyone can manage to take care this lovely creature because of the hight cost and so consumed time.

Now with this screensaver,  i hope everyone can enjoy the scene of The Life animated Super Red Arowana in this very screen, with the splash of waterfall, the sound of the birds chirping and relaxing music themes. Thanx.

from the webmaster

The real wealth would bring contentment, the real wealth would bring peace, would bring fearlessness, would resonate a paradise in your life, would bring relaxation in your life. It would bring the relief of reaching the destination, of reaching home; a perfume of relaxation would arise in your life. But there is no such thing in you. With the increase of wealth your life stinks more, it becomes more unhappy and more fearful. The amassing of wealth creates thousands of worries. Wealth does not bring peace; it only disturbs peace.

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