Koi, One of the many japanese famous exotic fishes. The best breed of koi fish usually depends on the attractive randomise dot pattern, the bright colors and the perfect balancing form of Koi's body, a feeling of delight and pleasure for anyone who see it, so colourfully bright,  full of life and spirit especially when the beam of light reflects to its body, Like the famous Zen Painting potraits in its body, simple yet soothing our mind.  The movement is so calm, steady, grace and sometime astonishing us, like innocent child who swim joyfully in the ocean of bliss, nothing else out there is anymatter. Just the present, no past, no future, here, rightnow...!

This animated screensaver presents only the Best Japanese Koi with lovely  colorful oriental garden , combined with relaxing Zen music themes and sound of nature. Thanx.

from the Webmaster

ZEN HAS NO TEACHING, Zen has no doctrine. Zen gives no guidance, because it says there is no goal. It says you are not to move into a certain direction. It says you are already there, so the more you try to reach there, the less is the possibility of reaching. The more you seek, the more you will miss. Seeking is the sure way of missing it.

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