No, Love cannot claim anything. Love never demands, and so anything that demands can never be love. Love is giving, and giving, and giving. It gives and forgives. It expects nothing in return.

A Lover loves his beloved, with all his heart, his mind, body and soul. Mere physical attraction is passion. Similarly, mere mental, emotional or intellectual attraction can only be infatuation. This is not Love... because it is partial. It is not complete, not total, not whole. Love is total, complete, whole.

And remember, Love gives you a feeling of security. Love makes you feel completely secure. Love makes you ready to fight anything, ready to face any challenge that life imposes upon you. This is what Love-Energy does to you.

A Person who tries to escape, to run away from his problems, has not yet known what Love is. He is incapable of loving. He will never know the meaning of love. Love is always confident and so it is not afraid of any situation or circumstance.

Love is free, you cannot hide it. No matter how thick the veils of greed, jealousy and hatred, they can never hide Love. They can never cover its affluence and luster. Love is light and where light is, there darkness does not exist.

Love is beyond all dualitiesLove is infinite, limitless-so, it is just not interested in little penny pleasures of life.

Not that Love has nothing to do with those pleasures, all those worldly temporary pleasures too exist in Love. But Love transcends them. Love goes beyond those petty pleasures. It strives to reach the Limitless, the Infinite.

Love expands your awareness. Your relations, your pleasures, your belongings - all look so petty now. Love makes you aware of your true real inheritance. You inherit all this, this entire creation. Universes, with all the galaxies - moons and stars - skies and earth; they all belong to you.

Life-A Traveler's Guide to Journey, Anand Krishna

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