When we come into contact with a 'True Teacher' or 'Enlightened Master', it has a 'Quickening'or awakening effect on that same consciousness within everyone. The teacher's intense internal vibration of the universal spirit radiates powerful energy waves which vibrate and stimulate the universal spirit in all others near him. People will feel different by being in the presence of such a One, Oneness with Universal Consciousness.

In the presence of a master you start feeling a different vibration around you. It is his awareness radiating through his body. He may speak, he may not speak, but his presence... Those who are alert will immediately become connected with the master's body. It vibrates differently.

To be in the presence of the master is to disappear as a separate entity. It is just like the dropping of a dewdrop from the lotus leaf into the ocean -- not that the dewdrop disappears, it simply becomes the ocean.

And if by chance you come across a man whose eyes become doors to a world beyond, touch his feet and you will be filled with a strange energy and vibration which is a music, a harmony, a synchronicity with existence.

The master is only an example of what you can also be.

Easiest of all would be to identify a Living Master who is on the last leg of his or her journey. Such a master is on his or her way to immortality, where death is no more - all is life, life and life... Give yourself up to such a master. Love him or her deeply, with all your heart and soul. Think of the master all the while. You can even easily meditate on such a master, for he is no longer a he. She is no longer a she. A True Master, A Satguru is indeed The Living Manifestation of the Unmanifestable. Such a Master represents the Great Void - and by attaching yourself to The Void, you become Void too.


It was the usual practice of Gautam Buddha that whenever somebody came to him -- and every day great philosophers, thinkers, theologians were coming to him to ask questions... Maulingaputta, one of the great philosophers of Gautam Buddha's time, had debated with many other great saints and defeated them. Now his only desire was to defeat Gautam Buddha.

He came to Gautam Buddha with his five hundred great scholars and he asked, with humbleness, "I want an open discussion with you, with the condition that if I win you and your disciples will have to become my disciples, or if you win I and my disciples will all become your disciples."

Gautam Buddha said, "Settled. But there is one thing you have to remember. You will not start your discussion right now. My routine is: for two years you and your disciples have to sit silently amongst my ten thousand disciples. You are not to ask a single question in these two years, you have just to listen. And after two years I will remind you that the time has come, you can start the discussion."

Note : Gautam Buddha allowed ten thousand people to be always with him simply to create an energy field. Somebody is a step ahead of you, somebody is two steps ahead of you, somebody is very close to the explosion. If he explodes, he can create a chain reaction and those who are just behind him may catch the fire. Hence in Zen it is called the transmission of the lamp, or transmission of the light.

The condition was accepted. Maulingaputta was not just an egoistic scholar, he was a sincere enquirer. He was debating with all these saints for the simple reason that perhaps somebody can defeat him -- defeat his mind, defeat his inner chattering. Somebody may question everything that he believes, take away all his thoughts, destroy them completely by his arguments. Because of this reason, he agreed with Gautam Buddha, "I will wait for two years." And he sat by the side of Gautam Buddha.

As he was agreeing, laughter was heard from a faraway corner. Under a tree, a strange fellow was sitting -- a follower of Gautam Buddha, but very strange. He rarely spoke; except for this laughter, nothing is mentioned about that man in all the great scriptures of Buddhism. And it has a tremendously vast literature; it is a whole world of literature on its own. No religion's literature can even be compared to it -- they are very poor. This man's name was Mahakashyapa and his laughter became the beginning of Zen.

He had not spoken anything, but Maulingaputta was shocked: "Why should this person laugh?"

Gautam Buddha said, "You can ask him. He ordinarily never speaks, never laughs. He is not a man who belongs to ordinary humanity. He is a very silent fellow. You can ask him."

Maulingaputta asked Mahakashyapa, "Why have you laughed?" He replied, "There is not much in it. Just beware of the strategy of this guy Gautam Buddha. He deceived me, and in the same way he is going to deceive you too. I laughed because again he is at his game. Two years ago I had come, and he made me sit under this tree silently for two years. I even forgot the calendar.

"Two years of silence is such a long time. For a few days I remembered that one day has passed, two days have passed, one week has passed... Then slowly, slowly I forgot all about it. One day he suddenly said, `Mahakashyapa, this is the day you had come for, two years ago -- to have a discussion with me. Now stand up and start your discussion. What do you want to say?'"

Mahakashyapa said, "You have destroyed everything that I could have said two years ago. This silence has been such a cleansing. It has taken away all the nonsense that I have carried, thinking that it is scholarship, it is knowledge. This silence has transformed me. I don't have anything to ask, just please allow me to touch your feet in deep gratitude. Your compassion is infinite, that you did not allow me to discuss with you. Rather than that you made a condition of two years' silence.

"At first I was angry -- this is strange. But then I thought, it is a beautiful place: a mango grove; beautiful faces, so silent, as if they are statues; Gautam Buddha so beautiful, so graceful. There is no harm just to sit silently and watch what is going on here, what this man is continuously saying to his people. And just listening to you, you have taken everything away."

He said to Maulingaputta, "The same is going to happen to you. If you really want a discussion, don't accept the condition, have the discussion today. We have never been entertained by Gautam Buddha in all these years; it will be a great joy." But Maulingaputta had agreed. And he could understand the point that unless you are utterly silent you cannot absorb the presence, the grace, the beauty of the master.

He sat by his side for two years, and after two years when Buddha said, "Now two years are over. You can start your discussion," he said, "Mahakashyapa was right. I have nothing to say, everything has dropped. Just allow me first to touch the feet of Mahakashyapa and then I will touch your feet. He had provoked me and I had felt humiliated by his laughter. I have to ask his forgiveness." He went to Mahakashyapa and touched his feet.


Mahakashyap. Sariputra, Modgalayam, all the great disciples of Buddha had to wait for two years before Buddha would start teaching. Sariputra asked: Why do we have to wait for two years? Buddha said: Just to provide a gap so that your old habits slow down, because if they persist, you will not listen to me; if they persist it will not allow you to see me; if they persist, whatsoever you do will be a confusion. Just two years -- let things slow down. Two years, don't do anything. Just remain silent and watchful so that you can become aware of things which you have been doing continuously without knowing that you were doing them.

Posing, showing, being that which you are not is dangerous: and with a Master it is absolutely dangerous because it is not going to help anybody and you are missing an opportunity. Never pose. If you pose then the authentic cannot surface; then the posture remains all around you. If you have many faces, then when and how will the original face surface? Allow the original face to come; drop all postures, drop all faces. For a few days you will feel dizzy without a face. You will feel very uncomfortable, without your old pattern and habits. For a few days you will feel that you have lost your identity. That's okay, that's how it should be.

One has to lose one's identity in order to regain the real identity; one has to lose all faces to gain the real face -- that which you had before you were born, and that which you will have after you have died. When you are no more, the original will be with you. Never pose.

Note: When one comes to a master, one has so much garbage which the master has to remove gradually, because to him it is garbage, but to the disciple it is knowledge. To the master it is chains; to the disciple, these are his ornaments. So it takes time... the master goes on throwing the garbage out and the disciple goes on collecting it back, and hiding it in deeper places where the master cannot reach, until there is a recognition that the master and the disciple stand in the same space. Then anything will do, just a little push...


A hippie was brought to a hospital, dragged, forced. An operation was absolutely necessary to save his life. He was shouting like anything. He wanted to escape because he said, "I don't believe in allopathy! I believe in acupuncture, I believe in homeopathy, I believe in naturopathy! I don't believe in allopathy!" But his parents forced him.

The doctors said that first he had to be given a good bath: "He stinks, and it will be difficult to operate on him." So he was taken to the bathroom and given a good rub and a good bath.

When he came out he said, "My God! I was so afraid of this operation!"

Now why are you so afraid of mind-wash? It will cleanse you! A brainwash is a good thing. You need it! You are carrying so much rubbish in your brain; don't you ever think it needs a good washing? Yes, exactly, that's what I'm doing here.

You have been conditioned by the society and you have to be un-conditioned.... That's what a brainwash is. But there is a difference. Mao also did it, I am also doing it, but there is a great difference. Mao used brainwashing just to re-condition you. He un-conditioned you, but the goal was not un-conditioning, the goal was re-conditioning: you have to be conditioned as a communist. Perhaps you were conditioned as a Catholic, as a Hindu: you have to be un-conditioned as a Catholic and re-conditioned as a communist. Naturally, if something has to be written on your brain, first all that is already written there has to be scrapped.

I am also using brainwash -- as Buddha used, as Christ used -- with a difference; it is not the same as Mao's. The difference is I simply wash your brain and leave it there. I don't write anything on it, I simply leave it clean. I Leave you un-conditioned.

In fact, that is your fear: you are not afraid of being brainwashed, you are afraid of being left clean. You would like to be re-conditioned immediately so you have another prop, another thing to cling to, another philosophy to believe in. I don't give you any philosophy to believe in. I simply destroy all philosophies and leave you alone. That is freedom! But that is always frightening: then you have nothing to cling to, then you have nothing to lean on. Then you are left in an abyss. I call that abyss God -- a bottomless abyss it is. I leave you in that state of ignorance, but ignorance is innocence.

You are not so worried, actually, about my un-conditioning you, about your brainwash. You are worried that if you are Left there in innocence, how will you act? how will you perform your life? how will you do things? You have always depended on the conditioning. That conditioning has given you a certain identity -- a Hindu, a Mohammedan, a Christian. You know who you are.


It is said in old scriptures that when you reach an enlightened person, remain totally silent. Don't think, otherwise you will miss the opportunity of meeting him. Just remain silent. Don't think. Absorb him, but don't try to understand him through your head. Absorb him, drink him, allow your total being to be open to him, let him move within you, but don't think about him -- because if you think, then your mind will be echoed. Let your total being be bathed in his presence. Only then will you have a glimpse of what type of being, of what type of phenomenon you have come in contact with. Many came to Buddha. They came and went. They carried their own opinions, and they went out and they spread them. Very few, really very few, understood -- and that is how it should be, because you can understand only according to you. If you are ready to melt and change and be transformed, only then can you understand what an enlightened person, what an enlightened being is.

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