The truth is that the pyramids were especially constructed for spiritual purposes; they were places where spiritual sadhana could be carried on with great ease and advantage. The very form of Pyramid creates a certain quality in you. It detracts everything life negative.

You know about the pyramids in Egypt -- when for the first time, in the beginning of this century, the pyramids were opened... the biggest pyramid was opened first. They had remained closed for three thousand years. And the scientists were surprised to find a cat, dead, inside the pyramid -- but not deteriorated, no sign of deterioration, no sign that it has been dead for three thousand years. When the pyramid was being closed somehow the cat must have remained inside and must have died. But there were no signs. It looked as if it had just died, and they could not figure out -- what is the matter? Finally they decided that it was because of the shape of the pyramid.

They became aware of the phenomenon by accident. One scientist was working in the pyramid of Giza. While he was working, a dog entered, and he unknowingly closed the door and went away for a holiday. When he came after three weeks, the dog was found dead, but the body was mummified -- automatically. The dog was dead but the body was not deteriorating at all.

Then he tried many experiments on cats, mice, and he was surprised; Something miraculous is happening in the Giza! A body dies, it has to deteriorate.... Then he tried a small experiment: he made a small model pyramid, and put a mouse in it, and the mouse died and was mummified. The body didn't deteriorate.

If you sit in any structure in the shape of a pyramid, you will fall into deep silence and meditation without difficulty. And a dead body can be preserved in a pyramid-shaped grave; it will not in any way start stinking. It will remain fresh, as if it has just died this very moment.

Now pyramids are being used... small pyramids are being sold in the market; you sit underneath them, and they are health-giving. They don't do anything, just their shape reflects the rays of the sun in such a way that you get only the health-giving rays, and the other rays which are not health-giving are reflected back. The very shape is the cause.

People were wondering for centuries why these pyramids were made in such a shape. And the oldest pyramid is three thousand years old. It shows that the people of those times were aware that certain shapes -- of clothes, of buildings -- are healthful; some other shapes are not healthful.

The possibility is that if these pyramids are used widely, man's life can be prolonged. If it becomes a routine exercise for every child, in every home, in every school, in every college, life can be stretched up to three hundred years. Just one hour every day inside the pyramid, and you are not to do anything, just sit there. It is helpful in both ways: It will preserve your life, and that one hour of well-being will give you a deep feeling of meditation. The people who created the pyramids must have been mystics who had come to such a clarity, to see things which are not available to us.

Those pyramids were created by Egyptian mystics from very ancient scriptures from the continent, Atlantis, that drowned either by natural catastrophe or by man's stupidity.

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