If you look at a lamp, a flame, your third eye starts functioning. It feeds on light. That's why it is difficult to sleep in the day, because the light is there and the third eye goes on functioning and trembling. That's why it is difficult to sleep in the night when the light is on. You would like darkness; otherwise the third eye goes on functioning -- and the third eye's function is consciousness. Hence the Hindu methods of TRATAK, of looking at a flame. If you look at a flame for a long time, for a few months, one hour every day, your third eye starts functioning perfectly. You become more alert, more light-filled.

The word TRATAK comes from a root which means tears. So you have to look at the flame until tears start flowing from the eyes. Go on staring, unblinking, and the third eye will start vibrating. But don't look at the sun! One has to come by and by to the sun. If one can look at the sun for thirty or forty minutes without burning his retina, immediate enlightenment is possible, because the third eye feeds on the light.  

When you look at me, suddenly there is a little light inside. You listen to me, you become attentive. When you become attentive your third eye becomes focused. You look at me, you watch me, or you read a book... not an ordinary book -- a book which has come from a man who has attained: a Torah.   Thousands of years have passed, but the man who uttered those words or wrote those words, if he had known... a certain vibration still continues. You become attentive, you feel light, and whenever you feel light you feel life. This combination has to be remembered. Whenever you feel dead you will feel dark. Whenever you feel life you will feel light.   There is a saying of Jesus: 'Come follow me. My burden is light.' Ordinarily, Christians have been interpreting it: 'My burden is not heavy' -- that's not true. When Jesus says: 'My burden is light,' he simply means LIGHT. He does not mean 'not heavy'. 'Come follow me. My burden is light.' 'That is the only burden I carry: the light.'   And light has no weight. That's why the secondary meaning: 'not heavy'. Light has no weight. It is the most weightless thing in the world, the most immaterial matter. And whenever you feel light within, suddenly you feel an upsurge of life energy.

There are thousands and thousands of stories…just by a touch, just by a look, someone became enlightened. They do not appear rational to us. How is this possible? This is possible! Even a look from the master into your eyes will change your total being, but it can change only if your eyes are just vacant, valleylike. If you can absorb the look of the master, immediately you will be different.

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