Meditate on An Ideal Master

In short, "the science" was about identifying the phase of evolution that your soul is undergoing. It also involved identification of your life's pattern. There are not too many anyway. And this part of science can easily be mastered.


Then, and this is a bit difficult, you have to find a suitable match to your own life pattern and soul's evolution. And this match must be the "discarded mind" of one of those Awakened Ones.

At the time of "death" an Awakened One not only discards his body, but also his or her mind. Such discarded minds then turn into small minute particles and fragments and become the "most precious dust" of the universe - the energy dust.

By accessing one of those particles or fragments one can experience a quantum leap of consciousness. For instance, if you access one of the particles from Jesus' mind, then you need not undergo all the experiences that he had to undergo in his lifetime to attain the Christhood - you can attain the same level of consciousness instantly. This was the second part of the science.

The third part involved the maintenance of such consciousness until you last breath. And that was the most difficult part of it.

"One must correctly identify the particle one wants to access. First, the Awakened being whose particles of mind you want to access must be a kind of 'Hero' for you - an Ideal Being that you actually love. For instance, if you are drawn toward the 'person' of Jesus, then try accessing his discarded mind. Do not try to access the mind of Siddharta, though both of them were enlightened, awakened beings.

"Secondly, it is easier to access the mind discarded within the last 500 years. And thirdly, you must ensure that the mind you are accessing is a 'discarded' one. In other words, it must have belonged to an awakened being.

"You may consider your favorite religious leader as an awakened being and try to access his mind. If his mind is still whole, dense and occupying a different body now, then you will be accessing that body. In that case the leap which one experiences is negligible, not a quantum one.

"Easiest of all would be to identify a Living Master who is on the last leg of his or her journey. Such a master is on his or her way to immortality, where death is no more  - all is life, life and life... Give yourself up to such a master. Love him or her deeply, with all your heart and soul. Think of the master all the while. You can even easily meditate on such a master, for he is no longer a he. She is no longer a she. A True Master, A Satguru is indeed The Living Manifestation of the Unmanifestable. Such a Master represents the Great Void - and by attaching yourself to The Void, you become Void too.

"Attachment to the Void, in fact, cannot be called attachment. It is love - pure and transcendental Love. Loving the void, you become one with the Void. You become  the Void.

"You may ask then why not Love the Abstract God ? It is not that easy. The idea of an Abstract God creates lots of doubts. A believer in an Abstract God is therefore always repeating to himself or herself that God is there. Such a believer has to keep on reminding himself or herself of God's Existence, Its Greatness, Majesty and Grandeur. They become fearful of God. They are afraid of God.  They miss the opportunity to love God.

"God is The Energy that flows through creation. Both the movable and the immovable bear witness to The Supreme Energy. Indeed loving yourself is to love God. Discovery of love energy within is discovery of God."

"Then what is the point in accessing those discarded minds..." I was not asking. I was simply stating.

"Yes, what is the point..." The Lama was also not asking. He was stating too. Then he added very slowly, as if whispering, "You got the point."

Yes, I had got it. The point was "Love".

Anand Krishna

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There are thousands and thousands of stories…just by a touch, just by a look, someone became enlightened. They do not appear rational to us. How is this possible? This is possible! Even a look from the master into your eyes will change your total being, but it can change only if your eyes are just vacant, valleylike. If you can absorb the look of the master, immediately you will be different.

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