Interestingly, the information is now confirmed by the researchers and archeologists. Unbelievable? Not quite. For, Akashic Records are accessible by one and all. It is not a monopoly of the chosen few. Akash or Ether is one of the five elements in the eastern tradition. Akash is inside us and outside us. It is the space, the emptiness within us - and the unified field of energy, as Einstein would call it, in which we all live. We all are swimming in this pool of energy.

christ-kashmir.jpgAkash is like a hologram... It is flat, and yet gives us an "impression" of depth. This "impression" is the empty space, the Nirvana of Buddha, in which we live and die and are reborn to live and to die again. Nothing is actually happening, but we get the "impression" as if something is really happening.

The Depth of the hologram is there and yet not there. Within this depth is recorded all our histories, yet this depth is totally empty. It is an unbound, total and perfect Emptiness. I invite you to join me into this depth - into the depth of inner space which is within you and within me - into the depth of outer space in which we all live.......

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna, Page 91-92

DEATH IS A JOKE TO ME AND I AM THE DEATH OF DEATH.   I Am the Infinite, the Eternal, and the Immortal Self. Me no fire can burn, no water dissolve, no air dry, and no sword pierce.


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