Babaji (Ashvathama) or Adam ?

Ashvathama was not only a great organizer, but also a scientist. The people or Arvasthan called him "The Man", perhaps Adam in their language. He married the daughter of one of the local tribal chiefs, a beautiful maiden, whose name was perhaps Hawa or Eve.

Of course, The Man was not born in sin, as the religious institutions would later profess. He was also not the first man created... The title "The Man" did not indicate that. It was to honor his knowledge and abilities.

Ashvathama deserved the title. He had no ordinary mind. He was an intelectual in its truest sense.

...He was also deeply in love with his country, the country of his forefathers, his homeland (Arvasthan - perhaps the present day Arabia). Although lacking nothing in his adopted country. he would always miss the meadows and the beautiful valleys surrounding the himalayas. Arvasthan was dry, desert - whereas the land of Bharatas were fertile, green with the mighty Sindhu, Ganges and other rivers flowing their majesty, sharing life with the people.

He never tired of speaking of the glories of Bharat. people belonging to different tribes would gather and flock around him in the evening and listen to him tell stories about the "paradise on earth""heaven on earth", and "the garden of Eden".

Generation later, stories became myths and legends... Fact and fiction became so intertwined that they were inseparable. And, Ashvathama, gained yet another identity as the "One who Came from Paradise".

The Christ of Kashmiris, Page 104-106, Anand Krishna

...After offering prayer Adam took Eve with him, returned to India and settled here permanently. And it is from India that the progeny of Adam and Eve spread throughout the world. The incident of habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain) (first ever assassination of a human soul on earth) had also taken place on Indian soil. After this tragic incident, Allah blessed Adam with another son, Shish (meaning gift from Allah)....

"It is said that Adam performed nearly forty Hajj from India, travelling on foot. Beside this he had performed seven hundred Hajj and Umrah while residing in Mecca.

"India's prominence can be now summarized as under :

1. Since India is the Place where Allah's first Caliph (Vice Regent of Allah) descended, it has acquired the status of the first capital of entire humanity.

2. Being a Vice Regent and Prophet, Adam used to receive angels and revelations from Allah. Therefore, India acquired the status of being the first land where a human soul ever received enlightenment.

3. It is India where the angel descended for the first time and thus it is this land that has the honor of receiving the first revelation of Allah.

4. Adam's body had been created from the clay of the "Wajni" area. Researchers have the opinion that Wajni, refers to a place in India. Therefore, the distinction of a Prophet's mortal body created by earthly clay also goes to India. Since Adam is the progenitor of human beings on earth and his mortal beings was created from the Indian soil, the mortal bodies of all Prophets and holy men have been created from this earth.

5. The soul of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) had been created before Adam in Heaven. This pious soul had to appear on earth in physical form by passing through the most pious souls of succeeding generations This pious sould ultimately appeared in Makkah, the Arabian Peninsula. Since Adam and his son Shish had resided in India, the soul of Prophet Muhammad received nourishment from the Indian soil as well. The couplet of Kab Bin Zahir (the famous poet and companion of the Prophet) in praise of India is important and noteworthy here.

Undoubtedly the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) is the light, a source of enlightenment. He is like a naked sword, of Indian make.

christ-kashmir.jpg6. Hazrat Abu Huraira narrated his Hadith from Prophet Mohammad that to console Adam, Allah had sent the angel Gabriel to Adam. When he met the prophet Adam, he recited : Allaho Akbar Allaho Akbar, Ashahado An la Ilaha Illallah, Wa Ashhado Anna Mohammadur Rasoolullah. The recitation was the same as in Adhan ( call for prayer) today. When Adam heard the name "Mohammad", he inquired : O' Allah! Whose name is this? Promptly came the reply: He is the one from among your progeny, who would be the last Prophet of humanity (Tabrani, Abu Naeem, Ibn-e-A'skari).

From this tradition, it becomes clear that after the descent of Gabriel to earth, the declaration of unity of Allah and His Greatness and the proclamation of Mohammad's Prophet - hood for the first time was made on the Indian soil, which fortunately today is our motherland.

The Christ of Kashmiris, Page 111-113, Anand Krishna

I shine in the sun and the moon and the stars and the whole Universe.  I Am the sun of suns, shining in the sun up above.   I am the crystal light in the sun and the virgin purity in the moon.   I am the twinkling spark in the star and the sustaining principle in the Universe.


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