I have a dream. I dream that the whole world becomes peaceful, that everyone becomes God.

I dream that all the killing will stop, that all the children will walk in peace and harmony.

I dream that all the nations will shake hands, protect each other and help each other.

I dream that our beautiful planet will not be destroyed by some crazy atom bomb;

a planet that has taken billions, trillions of years to create in beauty and love.

Yes, that is my dream.


We can change, change our world. We can save our world, instead of killing others for our own survival. We should rebuild our way of life - live a moral life, be a vegetarian, cultivate ourself mentally and physically and there will be immediate results. Our world will be changed at once! If everybody is planting trees instead of cutting them down, then we would be saved very soon. Within ten years, the world would never be the same, without any problem. Truly there is hope, but only with the cooperation of everyone. 

Sometimes disaster is also good for us, good for humanity. Yes, like they learn to work together, protect each other, love each other, and share the hard times together. And people's hearts become more tender. And hatred dissolves between misunderstood neighbors and all that. And so people in disaster will begin to reflect the ephemeral nature of life. And then they will begin to understand that material security is not everything reliable that we need. Look at millions of homes, just six minutes finished, five minutes. Therefore we try to minimize their pain, with our care, with our material comfort and spiritual support. Otherwise, what are we here for? What are we in this world for? If we always blame God for everything and say it's their karma, it's their bad retribution, then what are we here for?

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