Years back just around the time I met Krishna, I remembered reading in one of the books that a great spiritual leader will emerge out of Indonesia! Then one day I met Krishna, and I knew it was him !

Marilyn Salas - Healer / Social Worker (USA)

His love brings about awareness, enlightenment, happiness, and peace.

Ayu Dyah Pasha(TV Artist)

And, on the way if you happen to meet a person who is already free, consider it as a pleasant surprise, a beautiful accident. it is your good fortune. Perhaps, in your view - this is a meeting with a master. Consider it what you like, but understand the implication of such a meeting rightly. The presence of such a person serves as a confirmation to your faith. It confirms your faith in freedom - yes such a freedom is possible. This reassurance, this reaffirmation of faith injects you with the new fresh energy. You are more energetic now. His very presence recharges you. And remember, such a master is not sold in the market place; he is beyond all search. You cannot force his presence into your life. Such a master does not come or go - he neither comes into your life, nor goes out of it. He is a happening. He happens to you. He happens to your life. This can be the greatest happening to your life.

Do not try to own such people. They belong to no one. They truly are masters, for they are free. And believe me, they need not talk to you; they may or may not utter a single word to you. They will, all the same, bring joy into your life. Look at all those roses blooming. They bloom not for you alone. They bloom for one and all. They speak to you only in one language, that is the language of fragrance and this fragrance will transform your total being. Now you shall stink no more; now you are fragrant.

Life, A Traveler's Guide to Journey Within, Anand Krishna, p.38-39

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