If you are peaceful the whole world becomes peaceful to you. It is just a reflection. Whatsoever you are is reflected all over. Everyone becomes a mirror.


Peace has never been known, because peace is something which the individual has to create. War is something which the crowd, the nation, the politician, the ideologies, the churches create. Peace, each individual has to create. It will be far better to say that he has to discover it, because it has not to be created, it is already there inside you.


You cannot desire peace, because desire is the disturbance. What you desire does not matter. You may desire peace or you may desire power, you may desire money or you may desire meditation, it doesn't matter -- because the nature of desire is always the same. It is a tension, its goal is in the future, and peace is in the present.

Peace is not a tension. Peace is a non-tense, relaxed state of let go. There is not even the ambition of peace. There is no desire, no ambition, because one has understood the simple arithmetic -- that every desire creates conflict, every ambition takes you away from yourself.

The moment you drop all your desires and all your ambitions, you suddenly find you are sitting in peace within the temple of your being.


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