For know you now All, that the world is simply a dream of God. It does not exist in its own right.Your own dreams evaporate so that you cannot recall them when you awake. Even so, the tiny roles within God's drama that you have played, even for millions of years on the Earth, shall dissolve completely from you when you Awake to the Greater Light of the Fourth or Fifth Dimensions. (And beyond this are countless more dimensions to move through in order to re-unite with your own God-Source of Diamond Light and Purest Love.)

Mahavatar Babaji

The master is only a light. He is not a teacher, but something transpires between him and the disciple. And the moment the disciple also becomes lighted, there is no difference between the master and the disciple. And that is the greatest joy for the master -- when all his disciples are also masters.

The Master is the last who looks like you, who lives like you, whom you can touch, with whom you can have a dialogue, who speaks like you. Beyond the Master is silence -- utter, absolute, virgin. Beyond the Master is bodilessness. The Master is just exactly in between the world and God, God starts coming in many forms to him. The Master is the last form of God that comes to the disciple. After the Master there is formlessness. He is the LAST experience of form; Beyond him there is formlessness -- then there is God with no form.


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