Baptize is an ancient Initiation Ritual, very common in the East. In this particular ritual, a spiritual seeker must go through the cleansing process, for which water is symbolically used, then charged with spiritual energy, for which a qualified master is required. This is the ritual that Jesus had to go through, in which John, the Baptist, posed as the living master to charge Him with the energy.

"Baptize" is a distortion of "baptejo". It is a combination of three words : Ba, an abbreviation of Bhagavan, meaning Divine, Apah meaning Water, and Teja meaning Energy or Light. An important part of the sacred ritual. In Sanskrit it is called "Shaktipaat" - the discharge of Power. It is much more powerful than the normal ritual of Baptejo. The Initiate is not only recharged with energy, but enveloped with Power. The guru discharges it, and the disciples receives it in gratitude.

"Come, Thou Holy Name of the Christ that is above every Name."

The holy name of the Christ.... The name is not revealed. The name is concealed. But It is holy; it is the only name which is holy. It is above all names.

Try to read between the lines....

The name is not Christ; it is the holy name of the Christ.

Why? Because, even "Christ" can be written and uttered... But, the Holy Name can not be reduced to words and uttered or written down. Yet, the name is very much there. It is unknown and mysterious, yet it is there.

The Master is asking his disciples to know the unknown. Rather, he is assisting him to know the unknown.... This unknown is actually his own, the disciple's true name, his real identity.


Why "come"? Why not "Know"? Because, the knowledge is "coming" from the disciple's inner self. It is not from outside. A Master "Wakes us" up to our true name, our real identity

This call of the master, by the master - is the greatest thing in spirituality. For, a Master calls out of his love for the disciple. It is call of Love. It is not an ordinary call. And, when a disciples hears the call - miracles happen in a series - one after another.

 Come Thou Power of the Most High, and the Compassion is Perfect.

Verily, our inner self is that power of the most high... It is the perfect compassion. It is our compassionate inner heart, the psyche. Whatever term we use - It does not matter at all.

The unfaithful looks for this power in the outside world. They have not acquired sufficient faith in themselves, in the power within.

The Faithful look for this power within... and they find it.... Only, they can possibly find it. For the power outside is actually just the reflection of power Inside.

The holy places, the places of pilgrimage, even the holy saints - are but reflections of this power within. A Master is one who makes us realize this truth, and assist us in the journey within.

Christ of Kashmiris, Anand Krishna, Page 158 - 161


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