Vajrasattva is also regarded as Adi-Buddha by Nepalese Vajra-charyas who follow Vajrayana tradition according to the text Vajrasattvakaya. Vajrasattva is always crowned, with or without his sakti(consort) His body is white with one face and two hands. he generally holds vajra in his right hand Against his breast but the vajra may be balanced on its point in the palm of his hand. His left hand holds a silver bell at his side. He sits in the Vajraparyanka posture wearing precious silks and ornaments with jewel diadem.

His body is adorned with 32 major and 80 minor marks of a Sambhogakaya and emits a clear limitless light. It appears to lack all notion of substantiality, like the reflection of moon in water.

Remember that you have to become like a lotus flower he is untouched by the world, as the lotus flower is not touched by the water in which it grows, in which it lives, in which it dies -- but remains untouched by it.


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