According to the Buddhist Scriptures, if the follower practises the Yellow Shambala's Dharma (also called "Yellow Kubera"), he can increase his financial resource, casting off poverty and all economics burdens. But he should have a supreme Bodhiheart, have extensive ties of friendship, give more donations and should never become stingy and greedy.

Buddha answered, "I realized that I had everything and yet there was an emptiness inside me which wealth could not fill."
Really, wealth should not become a means to gratify the ego. On the contrary, the more wealth a man has, the more humble and egoless he should be. He should be egoless because he has gone through the abundance of wealth and found that nothing is gained by gaining wealth.

The real wealth would bring contentment, the real wealth would bring peace, would bring fearlessness, would resonate a paradise in your life, would bring relaxation in your life. It would bring the relief of reaching the destination, of reaching home; a perfume of relaxation would arise in your life. But there is no such thing in you.  With the increase of wealth your life stinks more, it becomes more unhappy and more fearful. The amassing of wealth creates thousands of worries. Wealth does not bring peace; it only disturbs peace.


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