Padmashambava is the ritual master among the triple of the abbot, the master, and the king in the Tubo Dynasty. In the mid eighth century, he proposed building the Samye Monastery and taught Tibetans to learn how to translate the Buddhist Scriptures. He established the exoteric Buddhist schools and the esoteric Mandala.

According to the Buddhist scriptures, practising his Dharma will enable the follower to have unlimited and mysterious virtue.

He will become wiser and more elequent and eliminate diseases, disastres and evils. He will also lengthen his span of life and have adequate food and clothing. He will vanquish demons and bring the ghosts under control.

Awaken while there is still time. Open your eyes. Look. Death is all around you. But in your self, outside the world and outside time, there is nectar to be found. The man who reaches to that divine nectar will not encounter death anywhere. To him death is just an illusion and only life is real.

WHAT A WONDROUS WORLD THIS IS! Those who appear to live are not alive at all. A life that is entangled in dreams of passion is not a real life at all. I also see that those they say are dead are not dead at all. The soul knows no death.

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