"If, in the future, a good man or good woman should hear the name of this Bodhisattva and should praise or worship him or invoke his name or donate offerings to him as well as paint, sculpt or mold his image, he or she will be reborn in the thirty-three heavens for one hundred turns and will never again fall onto the evil paths of existence."

Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha Sutra

Heaven is a dream -- beautiful dream. Hell is also a dream -- a nightmare. But both are dreams because both belong to the mind. Remember this definition: all that belongs to the mind is a dream. Positive, negative, whatsoever: mind is dream. To go beyond the dream, to awake, is to become enlightened.

Hell is not somewhere in the future, neither is heaven. Each act carries its own heaven or hell. Remain balanced and you are in heaven; become unbalanced and a hell is created -- nobody else is creating it for you.

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